Sips & Spoilers: Daredevil

The show: Marvel’s Daredevil

A quick summary: Matt Murdock is blind, but not in the way that the rest of the world thinks. As a child, he was blinded while saving an old man from being hit by a truck. As the truck crashed, it spilled chemicals into his eyes. Matt can’t see, but now his senses are heightened to extraordinary levels. Driven by his conscience and a love for his city, Hell’s Kitchen, Matt masquerades at night as the masked Daredevil, a face-punching, butt-kicking hero. By day, he and his friend Foggy Nelson are employed as lawyers, looking to save Hell’s Kitchen from those who have other plans for the city.

The beer: Oskar Blues Brewery’s Deviant Dale’s


The pairing: This one was almost too easy. Pairing one of the best new shows on the market with one of the best IPAs on the market? Match made in heaven…or hell. You know. Whatever.

Deviant Dale’s is the bigger, bolder version of Oskar Blues’ Dale’s Pale Ale, a staple for the Colorado Brewery. And while Dale’s is a classic, Deviant Dale’s is the superior beer. It’s one of the smoothest IPAs I’ve ever had, with just enough bitter to signify it as an IPA. But it’s also refreshing beyond what most IPAs can muster. No need for food. Crack one (or two) and enjoy yourself. Also unlike most IPAs, it’s easy to have more than one. It’s just a great beer.

Daredevil is the Deviant Dale’s of superhero shows. If Dale’s Pale Ale represents other superhero shows (GothamAgents of SHIELD, etc.), Daredevil is the far superior Deviant Dale’s. Daredevil transcends the superhero show shtick: it’s more of a crime drama that happens to feature a super protagonist. But Murdock isn’t the only character worth praising. Foggy and Karen go beyond the traditional sidekick role. Both have their own story lines and endearing characteristics, adding a complex element to the show. And Wilson Fisk (aka Kingpin for you nerds out there), is one of the best television villains I’ve ever seen. Vincent D’Onofrio plays him exceedingly well. I didn’t know how to feel about Fisk until the second to last episode. The writers develop him to the point where you almost think that two heroes of varying moral codes are struggling against each other. It all makes for a gripping experience, one that’s easy to digest and easy to binge, but also one that makes the viewer think. Perfect combo. If you haven’t already, check it out. It’s the best new television of 2015.

Next week: Another 2015 Netflix original.


Game of Thrones Update:

“The House of Black and White” improved on an already strong season opener. And what do you know, they talked about beer! If you’re catching up, settle down with a nice simple brown ale and listen to Littlefinger tell Sansa that ale gives some men courage. And she replies with, “Does it give you courage?” No, Sansa. It doesn’t. Because Littlefinger is a coward. And he sucks.


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