Sips & Spoilers: Galavant

If we’re being completely honest here, many of the recent Sips & Spoilers I’ve done have been placeholders until tomorrow’s season premiere of Game of Thrones. I’ve already got the beer in place, and I’m ready to go. I’m hoping to have smaller blurbs about each episode in the upcoming Sips & Spoilers entries. But we still have one day, so this week I’ll be pairing a beer with Galavant, one of the most fun shows I’ve watched this year.

The show: ABC’s Galavant

A quick summary: Galavant, one of the bravest and most handsome knights in the land, is a medieval dreamboat. He’s brave, dashingly good-looking and in love with the fairest maiden in the land, Madalena. But when his lady-love is stolen away by the evil King Richard, Galavant rides to her rescue…only to be turned away for the fame and fortune Richard can offer her. Months later, Princess Isabella tracks Galavant down with an urgent request only to find a defeated man in his place.

The beer: Prarie Artisan Ales’ Eliza5beth Midwest Farmhouse Ale


The pairing:

Another day, another Saison. Prarie makes farmhouse ales with the best of them, and Eliza5beth is one of their strongest ones yet. It’s a perfect combination of dry-hopped and subtle fruit tones. That’s a lot of flavor for one beer and it’s got a complex palette, but it’s a whole lot of fun to drink and, as most Saisons are, super refreshing.

On the flip side, Galavant is almost impossible to not like. I understand that musicals are polarizing, especially when it comes to television. But Alan Menken is heading up the tunes in the show, so c’mon. Is there any doubt that this works? The cast is mostly newcomers supplemented by the strong presence of Timothy Omundson (Lassie from Psych). It’s not a ground-breaking show, but it’s a party. The tunes are catchy and the jokes compliment the tone perfectly. Think Spamalot! in a TV show. Season one has wrapped and there’s no word on the show’s renewal, but I can only hope Galavant will be coming back for a few more seasons. There’s nothing quite like it on TV. Watch that video above and tell me I’m wrong.


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