Sips & Spoilers: Doctor Who

After a week off from Sips & Spoilers, I’m coming back with another British show and an unlikely pairing.

The show: Doctor Who

A quick summary: Well…there isn’t really a way to quickly summarize the craziness that is Doctor Who but here goes my best shot: the long-running BBC sci-fi follows the adventures of The Doctor, an alien of the Timelord race who travels through time and space helping those who need it. The show has been running since the 1960s including its latest reboot in 2005.

The beer: Longboat Brewing Company’s Mamoot Mild Ale   

The pairing:

I have to admit I was pretty surprised when I first thought of this pairing. And it might have be a personal thing. But I really connect these two based on comfort. Mamoot is one of the easiest drinking beers I’ve ever had, and it’s brewed right here at home in Columbia, Mo. It reminds me of home.

Similarly, Doctor Who is a show based on comfort, at least in my experience. It’s not exactly challenging in any sense of the word, except for maybe the stretches of imagination it takes to engage the show. But it does have all the trademarks of a likable space opera: sympathetic characters, good writing, creative villains and high stakes drama in every episode. It’s a great serial, especially for those who love science fiction.


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