Sips & Spoilers: Fargo

Oh, hey! It’s another Saturday, and that means another edition of Sips & Spoilers. Have I gotta fun little post for ya? Oh, you betcha!

The show: FX’s Fargo

A quick summary: Lester Nygaard is a battered man, literally and figuratively. His wife doesn’t respect him, his customers don’t like him and his high school bully still finds time to find and torment him. And when Nygaard finds himself in the emergency room following an afternoon run in with said bully, he meets the mysterious Lorne Malvo, a killer who turns his world upside down.

The beer: Stone’s Japanese Green Tea IPA

*Apologies, but I couldn’t find a nice, refreshing picture for the post. This is a very rare beer, and I didn’t happen to snap a photo when I had it.*

The pairing:

The similar theme between this week’s brew and show is time or, more specifically, time spent with each.

At first glance, Fargo is almost exactly what it seems. For fans of the Coen Brother’s film, the show is more of the same: dead-pan silliness in a snow-covered town mixed with bouts of harsh darkness and violence. The tone is similar, almost too similar, toward the beginning of the first series. However, you have to warm to this show before the full benefits come into play. The characters, specifically Lorne Malvo and Molly Solverson, add a richness and personal attachment that wasn’t always evident in the movie. But more importantly, they give the show its own legs to stand on. This isn’t just a carbon copy. Sure, it’s built from the same mold, but Fargo stands on its own as an impressive piece of art.

Stone’s Japanese Green Tea IPA works similarly, but also in a backwards fashion. Usually the pronounced flavors in an IPA are subtle. They’re meant to add a little more complexity to the bitterness and citrus of the beer. And the Green Tea IPA does a fine job of that when the beer is ice cold. But as it warms to room temperature, it opens up to become one of the most interesting IPAs I’ve ever had. That subtle green tea flavor? Not so subtle anymore. Instead of the bitterness of an IPA, the bitterness of a strangely refreshing green tea/beer hybrid comes to the forefront. It’s an amazing and extremely palatable experience.

Stay tuned: Game of Thrones is approaching, and I’ve got all sorts of fun plans!


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