2015: Always Learning

Hello, dear friends/family/readers.

We’ve all had a few weeks to settle into the new year by now. We’ve set goals and resolutions. We’ve failed at said goals and resolutions. And we’ve rededicated ourselves to the pursuit of said goals and resolutions. And so the cycle shall continue.

As for this blog, 2015 will bring a few changes. For those who have read before and for those who haven’t, here’s a quick synopsis of what you will and won’t be seeing from me in the upcoming year:

Things You Won’t Be Seeing

  • Cultural criticism: Since I took blogging back up, critique has been my go to medium. Whether that’s lists, recommendations or just general commentary, I’ve fashioned myself as a critic. And honestly, I’m a little tired of it. As much as I love analyzing my favorite movies, music and television, it gets a little tiring picking it all apart. This year, I want to enjoy the things I enjoy. I want to take more time to appreciate and talk to other people about them. That’s a more rewarding experience anyway. I’ll still have my Oscar blogs and end of the year music lists. There just won’t be any critical writing to accompany them. I’m going to let my choices stand on their own this year.
  • Personal pieces: This isn’t something I typically blog about, but there were a few instances in 2014 where I’d share a bit about my life in the form of essays or long, convoluted thought pieces. As much fun as those are to write (they’re not), I’m going to use my creative space to not ramble on about my life. Speaking of creative space…

Things You Will Be Seeing

  • Creative writing: I’m really focused on making 2015 a year of growth for myself. A big part of that will be my creative writing. Whether by reading books, going to conferences or just practicing, I’ll be putting a lot of effort into writing stories, poetry, scripts and other things of that nature. I won’t post them all here. But I will share my work every once in a while if I feel good about it.
  • Pictures: I’ve tried to keep my inner-photographer banished to Instagram. But I’ve learned recently that blogging is so much more than just words, words, words. It’s just as much for sharing as Twitter or Facebook. So when I go on adventures or feel particularly inspired, I’ll share a post full of pictures. Hurray for not having to read my ramblings (as much)!
  • Sips & Spoilers: For those who have read my previous Sips & Spoilers blogs, there will be more. For those who haven’t, check them out! I plan on expanding the mediums I use, so be on the lookout for some podcast type material as well as a fun series of posts based on one of my favorite shows of all time.
  • TBA: To be honest, I don’t know what this year holds. Who does? 2015 will unfold a variety of twists and turns for me, both good and bad. Through it all, I just want to keep learning about myself as a creator, a friend and a human being. So who knows what could end up on this blog? I sure don’t. And there’s a certain fun in embracing that uncertainty. The only thing I can do is enjoy the ride and learn as I go. You’re more than welcome to join me.


As a preview to my next blog post, which will be up in the next few days, enjoy this video that I was recently introduced to by a friend with whom I went hiking today (*hint hint* That’s what my next post is about.) I think it’s funny. Maybe you will too:



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