Sips & Spoilers: Bob’s Burgers

The show: Bob’s Burgers

A quick summary: Bob Belcher is the owner of Bob’s Burgers. He spends every day with his dysfunctional and weird family, writes horrible puns for burger names and turns in his rent check later and later every month. It may sound awful, but he actually loves it – most of the time that is. Bob’s Burgers follows the every day adventures of the Belcher family as Bob and Linda try to keep up with their wild kids Tina, Gene and Louise.

The beer: Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat

Simply put: one of the best easy drinking beers in existence.


The pairing: This might have been the easiest pairing I’ve done to date. Both the show and the beer work because of their singularities. Bob’s Burgers is the best adult animated comedy out there (apologies to the likes of Archer and Family Guy) because it doesn’t try to be more than what it is. It’s loud, crude and deliriously funny. But it’s also wickedly smart without trying to make itself into a social commentary. That makes for a killer comedy.

Unfiltered Wheat works well with Bob’s Burgers mainly because they’re both so easy to enjoy. With a light flavor and ABV, along with slight hints of pineapple and orange, Unfiltered is tasty and can be enjoyed on its own. But it also pairs well with lots of food: some of my favorites include hot wings, pizza and *wait for iiiiiiiitttt* burgers! Diversity of flavor and pairing seems to be a rare combination in beer – I could be wrong about that – so it’s nice to appreciate one that is (a) so widely distributed with Boulevard and (b) so dang good.

Unfiltered is usually one of the first beers I recommend to those who are trying to get into craft beer. And I’ll do the same here. Looking to get into beer? Start here.


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