Best of 2016: Albums Pt. 2

10. Schmilco – Wilco


As a Midwestern kid growing up in the ‘burbs, I’ve never found my musical identity in one particular genre. City-slickers tend to favor pop, rap and electronic. Country folk defer to their country and rock. And different coasts prefer different strokes. But I’m just about as middle-America as middle-America gets. So anyone who listens to Schmilco might understand why it hits all the right notes for me.

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2015 in Review: Top 25 Albums

Note before I start: What a year for music. Not to say that there isn’t great music every year, but there are probably six or seven albums on this year’s list that would’ve topped 2014’s. And not only was there a plethora of wonderful tunes this year, many of them came from emerging artists. The future of music is bright, friends.

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