Five years after its release, True Detective Season One examines religion, nihilism and the mystery beyond


The mouth of madness is opening its unhinged jaws. Out of it spills blood, decay and old-time religion. Once again, HBO is unleashing its darkest, grittiest drama onto the world.

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Josh’s 2018 in Film: Top 25 Films of the Year


At the start of 2018, I set out a goal for myself on how many movies I would end up watching. It looked something like this:

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Josh’s 2018 in Film: Best Movie Scenes of the Year


Good movies will hide this fact from you, but the truth is they’re all just collections of shorter, less contextual movies sewn together.

The power of a good scene is one of duality – a great one can lift a movie out of the doldrums, even if its only for a few minutes. On the flip side, a plodding one can ruin any sense of pace and momentum a good movie has going for it. To stitch together a memorable film, you don’t necessarily need any one stand out scene, but you can’t have any weak links either.

There were a lot of good movies in 2018 and a lot of them had memorable scenes. Here’s my take on some of the best.

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