A recruiting editorial for Rock M Nation

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Hey, y’all.

Here’s my latest piece for Rock M Nation. I understand you probably won’t get what I’m saying unless you follow college football and recruiting, but I still felt the need to say it.

I was kind of iffy on this piece, considering I felt like a lot of it was navel-gazing. But even if one person reads it and re-evaluates their attitude toward the recruiting cycle, I’ll be cool with it. Even if that person is me.

Thanks for reading.


Best of 2016: Albums Pt. 2

10. Schmilco – Wilco


As a Midwestern kid growing up in the ‘burbs, I’ve never found my musical identity in one particular genre. City-slickers tend to favor pop, rap and electronic. Country folk defer to their country and rock. And different coasts prefer different strokes. But I’m just about as middle-America as middle-America gets. So anyone who listens to Schmilco might understand why it hits all the right notes for me.

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Best of 2016: Albums Pt. 1

Honorable Mentions

As is the case every year, there were too many releases to be included in the EOTY list. But that doesn’t mean they should go ignored. Here are a few albums, mixtapes, and collections that I enjoyed listening to this year (in alphabetical order).  Continue reading